Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mural decoration - T i l d a ' s B u n n i e s

Today I am sharing with you this cute Tilda hand made creations. 

A lot of ideas and patterns I found in Tilda's books or on Pinterest. 

From the time I saw them I couldn't resist. 
Still thinking about some of them!
 Children.... it's also very good reason, so I did them finally. Yes, they are hand made. 

Fabrics are also coming from Tilda Collection. 
 Dolls are kept by elastic band. 
You can easily take them and to wash them as well.
It was just funny to put it together.

I used paper collection "The Seaside Life" from Tilda. 
I prepared this frames as mural decoration for children. 
For base I used 300 gr carton, to be enough solid. 

Next time I will share with you album 
with the same paper collection "The Seaside Life".

 It's looking more jewels then mini album, LOL

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